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Our company is a leading provider of global tax consultancy and services to corporate groups, businesses, entrepreneurs, expatriates, private individuals and families.

As an independent service provider, we offer the top level of confidentiality and a broad choice of services, from tax consultancy to corporate and trust governance, finance advice, as well as wealth management and protection.

We are a client-focused international company, aiming to understand, review, design and utilise solutions that best fit the requirements of demanding clients functioning in highly complex economical, legal and financial workplaces.

Through hard-working, bilingual and highly skilled teams of tax-based, financial and commercial consultants, accountants and VAT specialists, the customer benefits from an attentive and custom-made service.

International transactions

Because of our strong working relationships with other top firms around the world, our company offers its clients integrated services on various international transactions. If your Singapore-based company is looking for advice in its set-up then please visit

Though company owners generally see the annual audit and run-up to annual accounts as a cost centre - a vital evil that doesn’t add any merit to the business - we aim to transform it into a profitable aspect of the company.

As well as helping you to meet the basic requirements, we also take the chance to perform a review of your economic and management systems. This can generally result in identifying potential problem areas and offering opportunities to better the performance of your business. We talk over the issues and opportunities with you and help you put any agreed solutions into action.


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