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Training to be an accountant
When training to be an accountant, one of the specialist areas that you can consult in is tax. ACA students who have completed the required training contracts will find a wide variety of  consultancy businesses that are looking for newly qualified ACA accountants.  See: http://www.ukcbc.ac.uk/.

One of the specialist areas that you could focus on is tax, there are numerous opportunities to work for leading companies that provide global tax consultancy services, these services span multiple areas including business, private individuals, family tax and sometimes entrepreneurs and expatriates.

Most tax consultancy companies  offer varied services from corporate and trust governance to individual financial advice and wealth management.

Whilst taking your ACA study course you will learn about Pilot Trusts, these are trusts that do not belong to a specific beneficiary, you can hold funds or property in these trusts and they are not subject to inheritance tax when a beneficiary dies, they can also be loaned to beneficiaries during the course of their lifetime which in turn  reduces any future trust administration costs also. Pilot Trusts are also known as bypass trusts.

These types of trusts are useful when the settlor wishes to benefit various different members of the family or where you have children from a previous marriage, these types of trust also offer protection from creditors, divorce claims and in some cases future care costs.

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